Pi, now in color.

Hungry for pi?

A little while ago I had a revelation. I wanted to see as many of the digits of pi as I could with one glance, but you can only identify so many numbers on a screen at a time. So, I found a file with pi calculated out to 4 million digits (http://zenwerx.com/pi.php). This still wasn't helpful, because I'd have to scroll, and I don't like that.

Wrote a php script which reads in the characters of pi one at a time. I assigned a single color to each character, 0 = white, 1 = teal, 2 = blue, etc. I create an image, and starting at position 0,0, I draw in my pi calculation one pixel at a time. Below is pi in a 200 X 200 image, which means it represents the first 40,000 digits of pi.

All you need.

You will need two files, piImage.php and the pi file.

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If you wish to play with the php script yourself, or use the images for something, be my guest. I would love to hear about it!

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